Alice Moreault (Les Plouffe 2)
Guillaume Gauthier (Pour Sarah)
Rémi-Pierre Paquin (Rêve d'acteur)
Réal Bossé (Visual Body)
Véronique Beaudet (L'heure bleu)


St-Laurent Roger agency works in the arts since 1987 and has two agents. The company represents about forty artists mainly actors, animators and writers.

The mission of the agency remains primarily career planning and contract negotiation. However, it also includes time management, payments verification and any other related paperwork. This mandate reflects the determination of the agency to allow its customers to focus on their job creation without constraints.

In order to offer consistently good service, St-Laurent Roger agency is making every effort to personalize its relationship with each customer but also all the artisans, producers and media revolving around this area.